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Special Environmental Studies

1. Syntax of special Environmental Studies of the regions a) Of the Gorge Nedas,
b) Of Sapientza, Schiza the of Cape Akritas c) Of the Marine Region of the Narrow of Methoni

2. Presentation - Consultation of the above studies and the already worked out study on the region of the lagoon of Pylos (Dibari), the island of Sfaktiria, Saint Dimitrios aiming at the foundation of a Single Institution of Management

Aim of the study is the determination of the  suitable regulating interventions and the special (administrative) measures for the guarantee of the ecological value and the operation and appointment of the  regions that need to be protected “GR 2550003(Sapientza and Schiza, Cape Akritas” and “GR 2550007 Marine region of Steno Methonis), so that is shaped a single proposal of these management of all these regions of the Prefecture of Messinia.