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Sustainable «Management of the river Nedas of Messinia»

The convention’s aim, signed between the Region of Peloponnese, Prefectoral Self-government of Messinia, the Municipalities of Dorio, Aylona, Eira and the AN. MES. AE LOCAL AUTHORITY is the drawings’ development and the actions’ concretisation in the geographic regions of the Municipalities of Dorio, Aylona and Eira in the administrative limits, which the river of Nedas raises, aiming at the region’s protection and appointment.

The drawings that are going to be worked out are:

  1. Actions’ plan syntax of improvement, appointment, paths’ labelling in the region of Nedas in Messinia’s Prefecture - Works of Recreation
  2. Plans’ syntax of actions of three briefing centres in Messinia’s Prefecture
  3. Administrative reformation drawings’ syntax of the nine more important municipal districts/ departments of region Nedas in the Prefecture of Messinia
  4. Syntax of final technical drawings of reformation of central spaces of three municipal apartments of region Nedas in the Prefecture of Messinia