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Programmatic Convention «Development of the environment of the river Nedas»

The convention in question is signed between the Prefectoral Self-government of Messinia, the Prefectoral Self-government of Ilia, the Local Self-government of the region of Ilia A.E. and the Developmental of Messinia-Developmental Anonymous Company LOCAL AUTHORITY.

In the frames of convention in question, is forecasted the development of the following drawings that have aim the sustainable growth of region.

  1. Syntax of a Special Environmental Study of region of river Nedas (Master Plan)
  2. Syntax of a completed operational program of growth of the Municipalities by  the shore of river Nedas
  3. Syntax of  a Rural’s  Growth drawing in the region of Nedas
  4. Syntax of a drawing of Expertise of actions, organisation’s, river’s Nedas protection based on the approved land-planning drawings of two regions