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The growth and Operation of an Investors’ Reception centre of Prefecture of Messinia

The Ministry of Growth aiming at the improvement of the enterprising climate, the simplification of the enterprising environment and the aid of competitiveness of the Greek enterprises promoted, by means of the

Operational Program “Competitiveness”, the growth and operation of Investors’ Reception Centres (K.Y.E.) in each prefecture of the country. The K.Y.E N. in Messinia is accommodated in the first floor of the Prefecture, as an Office of Single Service, with object the all public services’ co-ordination that participate in the processes of the constitution and the awarding of the vacations of installation of a new enterprise so that they facilitate the businessman-investor. In this way, the citizen-businessman facilitates his transactions with the Public Administration. Final objective is the reduction of the authorisations’ publication time and the attracting of new enterprising initiatives. Between the objectives of the office K.Y.E., is also always included the information of all those interested in the possibilities of financing by programs, in collaboration with the other Briefing Offices of the Prefecture.