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Company’s aim is:

  1. The contribution in Messinia’s Prefecture growth
  2. The concretisation and management of National and Community Developmental Programs and Initiatives
  3. The co-ordination of policies and programs in the frame of the complete and sustainable growth of the region of Messinia
  4. The collaboration with other institutions in local, regional, national and European level
  5. The participation in other companies of developmental aims, corresponding or relevant to those described in the article 252 paragraph 3[b], of the code of Municipalities and Communities
  6. Its participation, in programs or the application of relative policies in all the municipalities or in a wider geographic space

Concretely, the above aims are specialized in the following activities:

  • Scientific and technical support of the Local authority, their unions’, but also all the institutions’ that contribute in the local growth as well as the decentralised government owned administration
  • Planning, preparation, syntax and concretisation of drawings ,studies, works, programs, for growth of Messinia having at the prospect the integration for financing in nationally or other European programs   or initiatives
  • The Community and national right’s application, in questions of implementation of public conventions, connected with the Company’s aims. More specifically, the company is possible as Assigning Beginning to undertake and work out on behalf of public government owned or decentralised legal services studies and provide relevant services, connected with actions financed by national or even Community resources. Moreover, the Company can act as Intermediary Institution of Management, developing the institutional possibilities that the institutional frame provides
  • Promotion of the enterprising, economic and more generally viable growth of the Prefecture of Messinia
  • The Environment’s protection and viable growth’s promotion
  • Activities’ growth and the national and European policies' promotion in the energy’s sector
  • Management of know-how and its diffusion to the self-government, to the local factors of growth
  • Briefing and support of the final beneficiary actions or works
  • Models, specifications   and methodologies’ planning for the projection of the Prefecture of Messinia
  • Planning of programs, actions of support and aid of the region’s human potential
  • Collaboration with each public service, legal persons public or private right’s, organisms, institutions of the interior or of the abroad that have aim the research and the improvement of all conditions of growth of region
  • Planning of models, specifications and methodologies for the projection of the Prefecture of Messinia
  • Planning of programs of/action of support and aid of human potential of region
  • Growth of a network of inter-country collaborations for the promotion of the company’s objectives and the cover of the programs’ needs that are materialised by this
  • Attendance in experiences’ exchange networks not only with the local self-government, the local institutions and the developmental companies, but also in collaboration with country’s corresponding institutions and more widely Europe’s
  • Planning and concretisation by the same means or via third persons,by acting on behalf of institutions of state, regions’ social and private sector ,training programs and job market’s  growth and employment. New technologies’ exploitation and growth for the achievement of the above aims